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Introducing The MB&F HM6 Space Pirate (Live Pics, Pricing)

Every time MB&F releases a new model, we end up concluding that it is novel enough to be in a league of its own. The new MB&F HM6 Space Pirate is no exception. It is a truly peerless marriage of mechanical ingenuity and science fiction. Like most haute horology that draws inspiration from external themes, the HM6 Space Pirate is built in the spirit of navigating space ?the space on your wrist that is.

The MB&F HM6 Space Pirate echoes design DNA from several predecessors. It has prominent domed dials reminiscent of the bulging domes on the HM3 Frog and HM3 Moonmachine. Its centralized flying-tourbillon outwardly propels a balance wheel, similar in spirit to MB&F's Legacy Machines. Above all, its twin "engine-like?shape instantly reminds us of the HM4 Final Edition's aeronautical motif.

The biomorphic case is machined from two solid ingots of aerospace Grade 5 titanium alloy that is highly anti-corrosive and thermally anti-conductive. Keep in mind that making such a robust material more aesthetically attractive requires over 100 hours of polishing and satin brushing.


A sapphire crystal dome rests at each corner of the HM6. The two domes toward the wearer house semi-spherical indicators that rotate vertically and display hours and minutes. On the opposite end, the other two domes house twin spherical turbines that automatically spin to regulate the winding system against excessive speed (in an effort to reduce stress and wear).

Each of the turbines has 15 curved vanes that are machined out of solid aluminum. A gear train drives the turbines by way of the automatic winding rotor. It's rather neat that aerodynamic principles guide certain functions within this watch. Vigorous wrist-movement will increase turbine rotation and, thus, air-friction as a function of the velocity of the vanes. During such instances of elevated winding, increased drag in the turbines will counteract excessive speed ?thereby reducing wear.

A final aesthetic touch is the flying tourbillon dome in the center of the HM6. The crown at 9 o'clock actuates a protective shield around the tourbillon, much like a titanium eyelid. This protects the engine's lubrication oils from oxidizing in the presence of excess UV light.

The HM6 is especially striking in the metal and exudes the detail-oriented, haute quality that you'd expected from B├╝sser. The sapphire case back reveals the classic battle-axe platinum winding rotor and a glimpse of the 475 other components that go into the movement, which has a power reserve of 72 hours. While its dimensions are by no means small (49.5mm x 52.3 mm x 20.4mm), like all other MB&Fs it likely wears smaller (and lighter, given the titanium construction) than it looks. It has pivoted lugs that enable the strap to hug the wrist, and it likely doesn't fight the cuff much more than your average, modern-sized diver.

As far as the cosmos theme is concerned, it's evident that MB&F got it just right. The HM6's curves evoke images of everything from space helmets to intergalactic travel, as it has come to be known on the silver screen of course. (Side note: it was a bizarre coincidence to write this article only moments after watching a trailer for the film Interstellar ?also being released this week.)

The MB&F HM6 Space Pirate in Grade 5 titanium will be released in a limited edition of 50 pieces at the price of $230,000.

For more information, visit MB&F online.

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