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Introducing The MeisterSinger Circularis, Now With A Proprietary Movement Powering A Single Hand

MeisterSinger has announced plans to introduce a new family of models that will make use of a jointly developed, proprietary movement. The first fake watch of that family is called the Circularis, and while it retains the signature level of restraint we've come to appreciate in MeisterSinger, it does so with a unique movement that goes beyond a few signed bridges. The Circularis will be a core fake watch within MeisterSinger's new family, and seeks to balance the established tone of the brand with new innovations.

From the dial side, the Circularis does little to differentiate itself from MeisterSinger's existing line of single-handed watches. It retains a familiar design language and, at 43 mm wide, even shares case dimensions with the Nº 01, Nº 02, and Nº 03 watches. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as those replica watches feature award-winning designs. Does it do enough to call attention to the entirely new movement lurking under the dial, though?

The new, proprietary movement at work inside the Circularis is dubbed the MSH01. It will go on to power a new generation of single-hand watches, so getting it right here will be key for the Münster-based manufacturer. Over the span of three years, MeisterSinger, in cooperation with a longstanding, Switzerland-based partner, developed the movement from scratch. The goal was to make something robust and aesthetically unmistakable.

The bespoke MSH01 is a hand-wound affair with five days of power reserve thanks to twin in-series mainspring barrels. Not only do these barrels provide brag-worthy levels of reserve, they are also key visual components to the symmetrical layout of the movement. A healthy three quarters of each barrel are visible through large cutaways in the bridge. The bridge itself is beautifully designed and decorated (rhodium plated with circular polishing). The escapement sits below the barrels, splitting their difference at an offset when mounted in the case.

The Circularis is fitted with a single hand to track the passage of time unburdened by visibly moving components. It's a minimalist treatment that I discuss further in this review of the Singular chronograph. A dial train with a spring wheel has been integrated within the movement to reduce the forces that the large hand incurs within the mechanism.

The new movement certainly looks the part, and we hope to see a further evolution in dial design with the new family. The Circularis is available with three different dial colors (ivory, sunburst silver-white, and sunburst sapphire-blue) and can be purchased as of this month for $5,695. For more information, click here.

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